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let’s do this

The time has come.  

Today is my first day back at school for inservice – how is that even possible?  I seriously have no idea where the summer went (but I do know that it was FUN!!).

Although I will miss the freedom of summer, I am very ready to get back into my routine.  


I picked out my clothes last night (I’ll do my best to remember to take a picture!) and packed up my cheer and gym bag.  Some very kind people are providing breakfast and lunch at school, but I have some extra healthy snacks stashed away as well.  I made some overnight OIAJ and dropped a lara uber bar in my bag.  Hopefully I won’t get too hungry.  🙂

This morning’s workout was a good one!  It’s a lower body workout based on exercises Jessica Simpson did to get her legs and booty in shape to play Daisy Duke.  I’ll post it later this week!

Have a fabulous Tuesday! 

much love,


so tell me…

What will you miss the most about summer?

What are you looking forward to most this fall?


back to reality and a recipe

Hey friends!  I missed y’all while I was gone!  I hope that you had a great week last week and a wonderful weekend.

Obviously, we’re back from Cancun – sort of.  Instead of going to our house, we are house/pet sitting this week.  The home is beautiful and has a gorgeous pool and gourmet kitchen, so it’s a nice way to ease back into real life. 🙂  I do miss my fur babies though!  

I’ll have the vacation recap up later this week once I get the pictures sorted out.  I actually remembered to take pictures of the food this time!

In other news, yesterday was back to regular schedule for both Daniel and me.  He headed off to work around 630 while I was up making breakfast.  Martha and I worked out 7:30-9 and then I met up with Amy for some hot yoga at Gold’s Gym (mannnnn, it felt so good to stretch everything out).  After a lunch date with Mom and a quick trip into Marshalls, I was off to the gym to teach cardio dance, abs, and zumba.  It makes me tired just thinking back over it haha.  My body definitely got used to lounging by the pool or on the beach all day, but it’s good to be back to an active lifestyle.  At least that’s what I thought until I woke up this morning and went to get out of bed.

Oh my gosh my legs are so ridiculously sore!  It’s clear that they enjoyed the break haha.  Oddly enough, my calves are more sore than anything, and I can’t even remember the last time that was the case.  Teaching SHRED will be a definite challenge tonight, but it will be good to work out some of the soreness.

Since I have this amazing gourmet kitchen available this week, I’ve been cooking every single night.  I have to admit that I miss having all our meals prepared for us whenever we wanted, but I have enjoyed cooking again.  Sunday night was a cheesy chicken skillet with peppers and onions, and last night I made my favorite baked salmon recipe.  

First, I preheated the oven to 400. 


Next, I combined about half a cup light mayo with salt, pepper, Rendezvous seasoning, grated parmesan cheese, lemon zest, and the juice from half a lemon. 


 I slathered that mixture onto a beautiful piece of salmon and baked for 20-25 minutes.


 Served up with simple roasted asparagus, this was an easy and delicious weeknight meal.



Even though there are only two of us, I somehow manage to make enough for a family of six every time I cook.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that struggles with this.  Because of my tendency to cook enough to feed an army, leftovers are on the menu for tonight.  

Until I can get all the vacation pictures ready to post, I’ll leave you with this – the view from our room.   


Ahhhh….I want to go back right now – let’s all just pack up and go!

 Have a great night!

much love,


So tell me…

What’s your favorite easy weeknight dinner?

Do you want to go back to Mexico with me!?!?!  I’m serious! Let’s go!

first little harvest and a workout

Happy Wednesday, people!  Am I the only one off on my days this week?  Long weekends AND being out of school means I have no idea what day it is at all.  I definitely thought yesterday was Monday all day long until it was time for me to figure out where I was teaching zumba last night.  

Since I know y’all want to know what goes on every second of my life, let’s start with Monday afternoon.

On Monday, Daniel and I hung out with my family at my cousin’s pool.  Of course we had to enjoy some delicious food before jumping in and swimming around (no, I didn’t wait 20 minutes or two hours or whatever).  I opted to skip the bun and just have bbq (pulled pork) and my dad’s famous hot slaw.  On the side I had a random combination of homemade cheesy salsa dip and guacamole, edamame, cheese, and a pickle.


As I took this picture, my cousin Jackson kept asking, “Nalale [how the boys say my name – it’s so cute – sounds like nah-la-lee], why you takin’ pictures of your foooooood?”  It was too funny, and I just ended up telling him I did it because I’m a weirdo and like pictures of food AND pictures of my favorite boys!


Before we could let the kiddos head out to the pool, we had some snake business to take care of.  I don’t know about y’all, but we have had more snakes this year than I can ever remember.  The first guy we found was coiled up in the yard, but thankfully he was already dead.  The other guy was in the koi pond and kept moving around under water.  He finally made a mad dash for the woods and got away.  He was almost three feet long!  


After our pool time, we headed back home to check the garden and relax a little bit.  Guess what is coming in!!!!!!!!!!  Squash and zucchini!!!!!  We should have a few ready at the end of this week, but in the next two weeks I think we’ll be picking every single day.  I’m pumped!  I also picked some of my Brussels sprouts on Monday (apparently these are supposed to be planted and harvested wayyyy later than we did – oh well – we’re learning by trial and error here, people).  I hope that my cucumbers and tomatoes start coming in soon!  The rest of Monday night included lots of lounging around, playing with dogs, and some tv.

Hatfields and mccoys history channel miniseries

Anyone else watching this???  It was obviously Daniel’s choice, but now I’m sucked into the story.

Yesterday started out with a humid early-morning run.  I set my alarm for 5:30 (this is NOT what I expected to do on summer break, but oddly enough it didn’t bother me in the least) and I was out the door by six.  Instead of jogging to the park this morning, I decided to take my time and walk.  I ran 2.5 miles at the park and then walked by home just in time to kiss Daniel goodbye on his way to work.  For my post-workout meal I devoured a breakfast cookie made with mashed banana, sun warrior, almond milk, cinnamon, pb2, and a few chocolate chips.  It was incredibly delicious, and it sure didn’t last very long!  After cleaning up, I ran some errands and then came back home for lunch.  I roasted up my freshly picked Brussels sprouts and used them as a salad topper.  This baby has red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, freshly sliced smoked turkey, pickles (I know, I’m a little strange sometimes), edamame hummus, chia seeds, and a little cottage cheese.  Enjoying my first little harvest from the garden made the salad that much better!  I remembered about midway through my lunch that I meant to put avocado on it, but it was too late then.


After an afternoon of cheer practice and then teaching SHRED, I started planning my workout for this morning.  Since it’s officially swimsuit season, I really want to focus on toning/firming/lifting my booty and my legs.  I found these two awesome Brazilian butt workouts the other night (via Pinterest, of course), and decided to give it a go this morning.  I have a feeling that I’ll definitely be sore!  This workout is on my pinterest workouts board, but since there is picture that could be offensive, I decided to retype it.  Please see the link for the original posting of this workout.



Okay, I have definitely said WAY too much in this post!  I guess since it’s summer now I should go back to daily posts instead of cramming it all in to three posts per week (or maybe I should just talk/write less??).


So tell me…

Are you scared of snakes?  I’m not, but spiders are another whole story!

Have you ever tried the Brazil Butt Lift workouts (from the infomercials)?  I’ve always wanted to!

The run that DID actually happen

After my fastest run ever on Thursday, I decided Friday morning that I would hit up the gym after school and actually do the run.

Confession: Even though I teach 3 or 4 classes each week at this gym, I’ve only worked out there twice.  I actually prefer to do my workouts at home or at the performance training center where I also teach.

To make sure that I didn’t bail on my workout plans, I wore my sports bra to school that day (it was tshirt day – don’t judge me).  As soon as school was out, I helped out at a quick cheer practice (we have clinics and tryouts this week!) and then headed over to the gym.  I did six rounds of a 60 second sprint followed by a 3 minute jog for a total of 24 minutes.  With my short cooldown, it was about 2.5 miles.  I have to admit – I was quite proud of myself.  Two years ago, if you had asked me to complete this sprint interval workout, I MAY have been able to make it through the first two rounds.  Maybe.  My legs are much stronger now, and my cardio endurance has improved tremendously (thank you, Zumba!).  I am going to TRY to make the Friday after school run a weekly thing.  We’ll see. 🙂



Saturday was one of my favorite Saturdays ever.  It was basically unplanned, but it ended up being filled with many productive activities.  I worked out with my client, walked at the park, ran some errands, cooked lunch, built my own suspension trainers (knock-off TRX), did a quick suspension workout to test out the straps, hit some golf balls, then Daniel and I watched a movie, cooked dinner, and watched another movie.  I was feeling sleepy around 11:45, but then we started watching Moneyball (which neither of us had ever seen), and I actually stayed awake until it was over.  We both really enjoyed the movie!


On Sunday, we drove to Daniel’s dad’s church (he’s a pastor) to surprise him.  It was his 25th anniversary preaching at the church, and he was incredibly surprised to see six of his seven children come in (one was out of town) with their families.  It was a very special Sunday for Daniel’s parents, and I’m extremely thankful that we were able to be there to share it with them.

(I didn’t get any pictures yesterday, but this is one from the family reunion in 2010 – this is just Daniel’s parents, his siblings and most of their spouses – BIG family!)

We rounded out our weekend by spending a couple of hours cooking and prepping for the week.  It was a relief to get home tonight (at 8:45) and know that dinner was already made and my lunch is ready to go for tomorrow!

I hope that y’all had a great weekend and a fantastic Monday!

So tell me…
What did you do over the weekend?

Prescription Exercise

Thank you so much to all of you who entered the Chobani giveaway!  It doesn’t close until Thursday night, so if you haven’t entered yet, you still have time!

It’s Tuesday night at 9:15, and I’m just now getting home and starting dinner.  It’s one of those crazy weeks.  My regular schedule, but then Daniel has a FD class four nights this week until 9 or 10, so it’s making for some late dinners.  Luckily, tomorrow night is his night off from the class, and I get home before 7 on Wednesdays, so we can actually eat before midnight AND spend some time together!  Since we’ve been eating so late (which is really not that much later than usual – maybe 20 minutes? It seems much later…), our meals have been even more unusual than they usually are.  Last night, Daniel reheated leftovers while I made two eggs and topped them with goat’s milk cream cheese and fig butter.  Don’t knock it til you try it!  Tonight, I decided to toast up some ciabatta bread that needed to be used with some Brummel & Brown yogurt spread and garlic.  We are sauteing some squash and zucchini to go along with it, and we have some smoked chicken in the fridge (Daniel smoked a big batch of chicken breasts for me on Sunday for my lunches this week).  Whatever works!

Tomorrow night will be much better – it’s fish taco night!  Get excited!

On a totally different note, I have had the worst cold this week!  I rarely get sick (maybe a stomach bug or the sniffles once a year), but for some reason this year I have had this persistent cold that I cannot get rid of.  It’s highly annoying.  Instead of going to a real doctor, I decided to prescribe myself lots of fresh fruits and veggies, sleep (which I haven’t gotten), and EXERCISE!  Before teaching my first class tonight, I had this pounding sinus headache, I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all, and I basically want to curl up in a ball instead of shaking my booty to hip hop music (this is the sign that something is wrong).  My sweet friends that take my class were asking if I should teach or if I needed to go home and rest, but I assured them that once I got a little sweat goin’ that everything would be fine.  Within the first three songs I felt like a new person!  I don’t know what it is about exercise, but it always makes me feel better!  Obviously, if you have more severe symptoms than just a little cold (for me anything shoulders and below or a fever), then you should see a real doctor. 🙂

And because this post is pictureless…how about I introduce you to M-Swag?!?!?!

Isn’t it so little and cute?!

So tell me…

Does exercise make you feel better?

Anyone have a unique home remedy that would cure this lingering cold???

Have a fabulous night!


Circuit Workout

Remember that time I said I had good intentions of posting a workout, and then my laptop died?

Well, now that lil’ m-swag is here, I’m holding true to my promise.

This is the workout I did with my awesome client, and we were both a hot mess by the end!

Each circuit consists of 15 reps of 3 different exercises (completed back to back with no – or minimal – rest) three times through.

*Complete circuit one all three times before moving to circuit two, and so on.


  • pike pushups

  • jump squats

  • overhead tricep extension with light to medium dumbbell (both hands on weight)


  • Bosu pushups side to side (each side counts as one rep)

  • burpees with pushup and jump

  • tricep kickbacks with a medium dumbbell (should be challenging for sure!)


  • squat curl press with medium to heavy dumbbells

  • tuck jumps

  • tricep dips

CORE CIRCUIT (you can do this circuit 1-3 times depending on core strength and time)

  • 60 second plank (if it feels easy or like it could be more challenging, try alternating leg lifts)

  • 60 second windmills (from pilates – hurt so good)

  • 60 second side plank (each side)

  • 60 second boat pose

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as we did!

Have a FABULOUS night – and get excited because tomorrow is Friday Eve! 🙂

Much love!

Something’s wrong with my scale…and my mirror

And my clothes…

Or is something wrong with me???



I’m going to put this out there – I thought about weighing myself today (which I haven’t done yet this year), and I couldn’t do it.  I knew the scale would show me some horrific number and I would kick it and mumble ugly words as I walked sadly away.  I know that in the past year (maybe since like April or May?  I’m not sure), I have put on about 5-10 pounds.  Sure, some of it may be muscle, but I know all of it isn’t.  My midsection has gotten…fluffier.  I’m not nearly as toned as I have been, but I’m working out way more than I ever have. 

I have a degree in sports medicine and exercise science, and during my time in that field, I learned all about the human body and how it works.  I learned that rest is incredibly important.  Not only is rest in the form of sleep important, but rest in the form of taking time to let your body recover from each workout is also just as important.  See my problem???

I am overworking my body, and I am not letting it recover at all.  I think I may actually be harming my body by the amount of stress I’m putting it through.  Since I decided to cut back on my Zumba classes and forego the bodyrock challenge for now (I did it for 2.5 weeks and had to stop because I couldn’t give it my best and also give my best to my other workouts to which I’m committed), I have started to feel better. 

Lately, I have also been feeling extremely convicted about the time I spend working out, teaching classes, and training as opposed to spending time developing and fueling relationships. I’ve also been struggling with my body image. I know where my worth is – it is in Christ – it is NOT in the image I see in the mirror. However, I think every woman struggles with body image. When I look in the mirror, all I see are my problem areas, and I feel that my weight gain is SO obvious.  Being the size of a twelve year old, it’s hard for me to open up about this to anyone because they always have the same response: “Oh PLEASE!  You’re crazy!” etc etc etc.  I know they mean well and they are trying to be sweet.  I just want to say that whether you are a size 00 or 24, you can look in the mirror and see something totally different.



My new goal is to give my body time to recover from each workout (especially when lifting or pushing extremely hard).  That pesky number on the scale may move, or it may not.  We shall see.  My other goal is to eat a lot cleaner (this one is an ongoing goal for me) so that I can truly see the results of my efforts.  Finally, my main goal is to truly focus on my relationships with OTHERS (GOD, Daniel, family, friends, coworkers, etc), not my relationship with my weights or my zumba gear. 

Enough words…I just wanted to put all that out there and let you know how I’m feeling. 

Do you struggle with these same issues?  How do you combat them in your life? 

Do you think women are ever satisfied with their physical appearance???


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