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Vacation Recap: Mexico 2012

It’s hard to believe that this time last week we were still in Mexico trying to soak up every ounce of all-inclusive beachy goodness.  

This trip was one of my favorite vacations ever; it was just so perfect!  Sunshine the entire trip, wonderful food, amazing staff, and unlimited time with Daniel made for an amazing getaway.



Some highlights of the trip include:

relaxing on the beach in the beautiful sunshine every single day


playing games around the pool with the activity staff (bingo, darts, trivia, dancing, etc)

salsa dance lessons

couples Swedish massage with hydrotherapy


snorkeling (we saw a barracuda – we used an underwater camera and I will put those pictures up soon!)

walking on the beach


delicious food & umbrella drinks


seeing a giant sea turtle come up onto our beach to lay her eggs (they wouldn’t let us on the beach to take pictures since the flash would scare her, so this is the best picture we could get)


acting silly with Daniel


Daniel was very excited that those pictures made the blog 😉

It was a very memorable trip, and it was wonderful to get to relax and spend all of our time together.  Maybe one day we can a view like this permanently…



Now we have to start planning and saving for the next trip!  Any suggestions???? 

(You can check out our other Mexico vacations here and here.)

much love,


so tell me…

What is the most memorable vacation that you had?

What is your dream vacation???  I think mine would be Australia, but then I can also think of about 50 other places that I would also call dream vacations. 🙂



I think it goes without saying that vacations are amazing.  Being able to get away from the busy, hectic, wired everyday chaos and allowing yourself to unplug and relax is the best thing ever.

Mexico was truly an incredible destination for our vacation this year.  If you know me at all, you know that I am an extremely cheap frugal person.  When Daniel and I were looking for a fun getaway for this summer, we were originally thinking just a quick drive down to the beach for a few nights.  However, as we were adding up the cost, the total kept growing and growing (groceries, condo, dinner, ridiculously high gas prices, etc), so we decided to check into some other options.  My friend Kathy put together an amazing deal for us at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico (including airfare, transportation to and from the resort, and travel insurance) for a fantastically lower price than our “quick beach trip” was going to cost us.  I think we hesitated about .371 seconds before agreeing and putting down a deposit on our trip.

We stayed at the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun, and I have nothing but good things to say about this resort (honestly!).  The restaurants, the food, the beach, the staff, the service, the room, the view….it was all perfect!

Enough talk – check out the pictures (please forgive me for my poor photography skills).

*I honestly meant to take pictures of all my food, and I would set out my camera at each meal before the food arrived, but then the food would get there…and I forgot all about my camera.  Oops!

Arriving at the airport in Memphis for our early morning flight

Our first picture in Cancun!  At the airport in the looooooong customs line

The view from our room

the best guacamole ever!!!

in a creepy van…and thinking of all those movies we’ve seen where tourists get kidnapped…

fish tacos

our resort from the beach

gorgeous water

So, who wants to go back with me?  I’m ready!

Highlights of Mexico

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Mexico was truly amazing, and it felt wonderful to get away and relax.  Daniel and I had a great trip, and we are already talking about going back (I need to start buying my lotto tickets now). 

Fiesta American Condesa Cancun

Some of the highlights of our trip…

(I’m five so I did the alphabet 🙂 )

Amazing resort

Beautiful pools

Comfortable room

Delicious food

Enjoying time together

Fruity drinks

Gorgeous beach

Hot sunshine

Ice cream

Jonathan – our favorite person on staff at the resort

King-sized bed

Learning about Mexico

Mango souffle

No alarm clock

Ocean breeze

Picture perfect view

Quiet peaceful mornings

Relaxing massage

Shrimp tacos

Toucans – we got our picture made with one named Touckey

Unbelievable guacamole

Very romantic dinners

Waves crashing

Xylographic artwork

Yummy coconut ice cream

Zany shenanigans (did I mention the police had to run a background check on my at the airport???)

Don’t worry, pictures are being uploaded SOON!

What have you been up to?!?!?!  What are your plans for the weekend?

One week from right now…

I will be finishing  packing and double checking my list of things to pack in the morning…


I will be packing my snack bag to take with me…


I will be setting five different alarms to make sure I don’t oversleep…


One week from RIGHT now, I will be getting ready to leave for Cancun! 


Five nights at an all-inclusive resort – fresh seafood – live music – the BEACH – the sound of waves crashing – spending all my time with Daniel soaking up the sun – can you tell I’m excited?!  I can go ahead and tell you now that I will NOT be able to sleep next Wednesday night.  Just as well, because we have to leave our house around 3:30 a.m. to head to the airport.  Providing all travel goes smoothly (say a prayer that it does!), we will be ON THE BEACH by noon!!!

Neither of us has ever been to Mexico before, and we are both pumped about this vacation.  Don’t worry, I’m already reminding myself to take a TON of pictures so I can share it with you!


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