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Recent eats and my first “long” run

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope that you are enjoying a long weekend filled with fun and lots of good food!  Before we get to my first “long” run, I want to share some delicious eats that I’ve recently enjoyed.  First, some fresh crabcakes with roasted squash and zucchini and a baked sweet potato.  This is a very typical meal for us during the week – either chicken, fish, or some type of seafood paired with roasted veggies.  Daniel and I will usually split a sweet potato with a meal like this (even though I could easily put away a whole one on my own).


Then there’s this little beauty.  I like to call this one the banana coconut cake protein smoothie.  You could easily adjust the ingredients to suit your taste, but trust me, it’s good as is!



Banana Coconut Cake Protein Smoothie

*This recipe yields about 24 ounces, so I poured 8 ounces into a small mason jar and saved it for the next day. 

1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (I use Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey Vanille Shake)

1 frozen banana

pinch xanthan gum (this makes it so thick and creamy)


1/2 tsp vanilla extract (I use Mexican vanilla)

1/2 tsp coconut extract

1/4 cup low fat unsweetened finely shredded coconut (optional)

2-3 handfuls fresh spinach

1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese (it may have been closer to 1/2 cup, I wasn’t using measuring cups)

1 cup unsweetened almond coconut milk

3-4 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!  This baby was perfect after a hot and sweaty workout!

Now, onto that run I’ve been talking about.  As I’ve said before, I am brand spankin’ new to the world of running.  Last week, I ran about two miles on Tuesday and again on Thursday.  Saturday morning, I got up at 6 to get ready for my first “long” run in my half marathon training program.  I fixed a light breakfast consisting of half a toasted sandwich thin topped with one teaspoon of peanut butter and a little homemade strawberry jam.  I pulled on my shorts and a loose tank and headed out the door about 6:35.  After a 5 minute warmup, I took off on my run.  (I had already mapped out my run on Friday so that I would know my exact mileage.)  I left my street and ran to my parents’ neighborhood and went down every single street then finished up by running to my cousin’s driveway (gotta love living close to so much family!!!).  Man, I didn’t realize how many hills there were in my parents’ subdivision!  I felt like I was constantly running up a low grade incline.  Towards the end of the run, I had about a third of a mile that I got to run downhill.  It was glorious, but then I remembered that the very final piece of my run was one third of a mile up a fairly steep hill.  After jumping over a snake (I ran back to make sure he wasn’t dead – he wasn’t), I was feeling so tired for that last uphill climb.  The thoughts of “man, this is not going to be fun” and “I wish I was finished already” were creeping into my mind, but then something amazing happened.  “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana starting blasting into my ears, and it was the perfect motivation to finish my run strong.  I ran my 4 miles in exactly 40 minutes, so I was happy.  I would like to get faster at some point, but I know that will come with training.  

Even though it was pretty early, I knew my cousin would be up with her kiddos, so I walked up her driveway and she met me at the door.  She was kind enough to let me have a large glass of water AND chocolate milk, and then she even gave me a ride home.  She is too sweet.  When I arrived home, I ate the other half of my sandwich thin and then did about ten minutes of deep stretching and used my special foam roller, aka my rolling pin.  Even though it was a little painful at the time, it paid off because my legs were not sore at all the next day. 

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but it was taken this weekend at my friend Amy’s wedding reception.  It’s my new favorite picture, so I wanted to share it with you. 🙂

I’m off to fix some food for our pool party and cookout with family today!  Even though we are all enjoying the holiday weekend, I hope that everyone takes the time to remember and appreciate all those that served our country in the past, those that gave their lives for our freedom, and those that are currently serving.  


So tell me…

What are some of your best eats lately?

Do you have the day off today?  How are you celebrating?


The thought that keeps creeping into my mind…

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a runner.  Running has always been hard for me, and last year was the first time I ever enjoyed running.  Growing up, I ran only for sports practices, and I hated every second of it.  It felt like pure torture for me.  Since I’ve been teaching Zumba (about two years), my legs have gotten used to be in constant motion, and my cardio endurance level has increased exponentially.

I think I want to run a half marathon.  Actually, I know I want to run one.  I think this year may be the year!  I know that I’m determined enough to do it, and I can’t even fathom how rewarding it will be to cross that finish line.  I’ve only run a few 5k races, and I’ve never run more than six miles at one time.

I know the training will be hard, but I feel ready for it.

I would like my first half marathon (see, I didn’t even think about what I was typing there – my brain is already secretly planning for multiple races) to be a “fun” race with a big crowd.  I bet the energy would be awesome!!!

Here are some options I’m considering:

Chicago Half Marathon – September 9

Music City Half Marathon (Nashville) – October 2

St. Jude Half Marathon (Memphis) – December 1

I already have a million questions…

Can I do it?

Will I need to cut back on my Zumba classes?

Which race should I choose?

Which training program should I choose?

How will I need to change my diet?

Do I need to add any supplements?

What shoes should I buy (I must have new running shoes)?

How can I get faster?

Who would want to run with me (or could be persuaded bribed to do so)?

Help me, friends!

Circuit Workout

Remember that time I said I had good intentions of posting a workout, and then my laptop died?

Well, now that lil’ m-swag is here, I’m holding true to my promise.

This is the workout I did with my awesome client, and we were both a hot mess by the end!

Each circuit consists of 15 reps of 3 different exercises (completed back to back with no – or minimal – rest) three times through.

*Complete circuit one all three times before moving to circuit two, and so on.


  • pike pushups

  • jump squats

  • overhead tricep extension with light to medium dumbbell (both hands on weight)


  • Bosu pushups side to side (each side counts as one rep)

  • burpees with pushup and jump

  • tricep kickbacks with a medium dumbbell (should be challenging for sure!)


  • squat curl press with medium to heavy dumbbells

  • tuck jumps

  • tricep dips

CORE CIRCUIT (you can do this circuit 1-3 times depending on core strength and time)

  • 60 second plank (if it feels easy or like it could be more challenging, try alternating leg lifts)

  • 60 second windmills (from pilates – hurt so good)

  • 60 second side plank (each side)

  • 60 second boat pose

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as we did!

Have a FABULOUS night – and get excited because tomorrow is Friday Eve! 🙂

Much love!

My arms feel massive…and I love it

Do you ever have those days where after you finish a workout you feel like you have bodybuilder arms?  I know that if I look in a mirror, my arms will be hanging naturally by my sides, but I feel like they are sticking out and I can’t relax them (does that even make sense?). 

massive arms


Today was one of those workout days!  When Martha arrived at 8 this morning (our last day to not have to workout before 6 am), we warmed up by walking outside.  The heat index is supposed to be over 110 degrees today (and up to 120 tomorrow – WHAT?!), so it was nice to get some time in outside before the smoldering heat sets in.  Today’s workout looked like this:

3 sets alternating 15 of each:

Wide pushups

Wood choppers with 10lb db

Triceps dips on floor

3 sets alternating 15 of each:

Stability ball rollout

Side plank with knee tuck

Pass the ball (lying on back, pass stability ball from hands to feet and then back to hands, stretching out fully each time – I love these!)

3 sets alternating 15 of each:

Alternating reverse lunge with bicep curl with 10lb/12lb db

Assisted pullups

Bent over rows

3 sets alternating 15 of each:

Triceps extensions overhead with 12lb db

Stability ball rollup

Then complete the following one time through:

Pilates 100

Cancan crunches – 30 (like bicycle crunches but with straight legs)

Oblique twist no weight – 50


By the end of this workout, I was definitely feeling it all over!  Working out is the best way to start the day for me!

What is YOUR workout today???

Back to Training

Because of my crazy schedule last week, I was unable to workout with Martha.  However, this morning it was back to our training schedule, and I am so thankful!  Here’s what today looked like:

Circuit One (two times)

  • squat curl and press with 12lb db’s – 15
  • wide pushups – 20
  • lunge fwd/back with pass 8lb db(as seen on a JM workout, not sure which one) – 15 each leg
  • figure 8 with 8lb db – 15
  • low plank – 1:15

Circuit Two (two times)

  • burpees – 15
  • lat raise with pour with 5lb db’s- 15
  • reverse flies 8lb db’s – 15
  • wide-to-narrow jump squats with 10lb db – 15 (thank you Megan)
  • butterfly crunches – 30

Circuit Three (two times)

  • wheel lunges – 10 each leg
  • plank pushups – 10 leading with each arm
  • pilates 100
  • side v-crunches – 20 each side
  • twist crunch with elevated feet (mason twists) – 30
  • side plank pushups – 15 each side

It was a great workout to get back into our routine.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

What is your workout today???

Above workout, teaching hip hop cardio dance at 4:30, teaching Zumba (it’s blacklight night –  YAY!) at 7:15.

Have a GREAT Monday!

Sometimes you have to say no…

Even when you want to say yes!

I am a total multitasking, over-achieving, jam-packed schedule kind of girl.  My schedule this week is completely insane… I’m house-sitting and dog-sitting all week (10 days), completing my LAST WEEK of Insanity (thank goodness), running elementary cheer camp Monday-Friday (65 screaming yelling running dancing little girls), coaching cheer practice every day for my high school girls, teaching zumba every day, attending a bridal shower, and attempting to spend quality time with my sweet husband and actually have some FUN.  Whew.  Just typing that seriously made my head swim a little. 

I typically train my personal training client on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for a full hour.  I knew that this week was going to take a lot out of me, and I knew I had to let something go for a few days so my body could get enough rest.  Thankfully, my pt client is someone I am very close to, so she completely understood when I told her I had to take the week off.  I sent her home with some weights, workout dvds, and my pullup bar.  I am so thankful for her, but I feel like I let her down by canceling our workouts this week. 😦 

Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I cannot do everything for everyone, and not a single person is expecting that anyway…it’s just me pressuring myself.  As much as my brain likes to disagree with me, I know my body needs more rest.  I am extremely grateful for the large amount of healthy living blogs that I read – they always serve as a reminder that it is important to rest.

One thing I’m working on is building margin into my life (one of my former pastors taught me about this).  You know how when you write/type, you’re supposed to leave margins all around the edge?  I think we are supposed to leave a little room like that in our lives too.  Right now I feel like I’m running off both sides of the page…


A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.

Spanish Proverb


What do you do to relax/rest/unwind/chill?  How often do you truly rest (not counting sleep at night)?


Do you  have to make yourself calm down and spend time relaxing?


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