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No Excuses

So…I didn’t post all week.

I could say that I was busy.

I could say that I was on Spring Break (which is true).

I could say I was on some amazing tropical vacation (which is a lie).

OR I could tell you the truth.  Let’s go with that.

I had every intention of posting each day last week, especially because I was on break from school.  However, I just didn’t feel like it.  Lazy?  Perhaps.  I enjoyed the break from absolutely everything, and I definitely feel refreshed.  My idea of Spring Break used to be sitting on the beach, toes in the sand, listening to the ocean waves crash peacefully onto the shore as I watch the sun seemingly sink into the water.  Let’s be honest, that’s STILL my idea of Spring Break!  Because I work at night, that idea was not a realistic one for me.  So what did I do over my break?  So glad you asked!

Slept in until almost 8 a.m. every single morning!!!  Glorious sleep!

Read – I read a lot of health and fitness articles, as well as the adorable novel Moving Neutral by food and fashion blogger Katy Atlas.

Planned and prepped food for the plan – more on that tomorrow.

Watched more TV than I usually would – I still love Saved by the Bell just as much as I used to!

Spent some quality time with m-swag.

Took these crazy puppies on several walks to the park down the street.

Poor Clyde, he needs some new pictures.  I tried to take several, but he has a hard time holding still for more than .19 seconds!

Harley gets just a tiny bit excited when we go run outside!

Spent a great amount of time with Daniel (especially over the weekend).

Had a girls night with my mom, cousin, and friend.  I now have a French pedicure thanks to sweet cousin Anne.

Convinced Daniel to go see The Hunger Games with me.  I thought the movie was excellent, but, as always, the book was better.  I want to read the second book again haha.

Daniel said it hurts to smile, so he’ll roll with his “prison photo” face.

Enjoyed a night out with friends.

Bridal shower for my great friend Hazelnut.  Okay, her name is Hazel, but I like to pretend her real name is Hazelnut.  We also call her Wheezy, but I’m not exactly sure why…

Grocery shopping.

Real shopping (MARSHALLS will forever be my favorite store!).

Food prep for the upcoming week.

FINALLY feeling like blogging again! 🙂

Please forgive my absence – and sorry I don’t have a good excuse!  I hope that you enjoyed your week and weekend, and that your Monday goes exceptionally well!

So tell me…

What did you last week and this weekend???  Catch me up!


Unexpected Awesomeness

So, today was just supposed to be another Monday.  You know, wake up thirty minutes late and scramble to get ready to leave for work on time and not miss the morning staff meeting (again).  Luckily, I took the time to pack ALL my food for the day and my gym bag last night.  I somehow managed to get showered and completely ready and out the door in under 40 minutes this morning.  I know this isn’t really a stretch for most people, but I always take the time to shave my legs in the morning, and I have to actually spend a little time on my hair.  I am incredibly jealous of all those girls that can just tousle their hair and it has those amazingly sexy loose curls or waves.


Yeah, that is definitely not how my hair works!


That’s more like the hand I was dealt. 🙂

Kidding (not really) – at least I have hair!

Anyway, back to the point.  It takes me a while to get ready to be gone an entire day (leaving at 7:15 and not getting home until almost 9 that night).  When I got to school, I attended my meeting, and then headed to my room to welcome my precious angels.  Since this is the last week of school before Spring Break (WAAAHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!), the kids were extremely wound up.  By the time lunch rolled around, I was ready for a break and some adult conversation.

This is where part one of the (unpictured) unexpected awesomeness comes in.  I threw my lunch together last night without too much thought.  Oh my gosh – it was SO delicious!  I mixed together one can of chicken breast meat, about 1/4 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt, some mustard, and sriracha.  The chicken salad was enjoyed atop a bed of spinach and served with strawberries, cottage cheese, and two dates on the side.  In case you were wondering, that small lunch packed in 42 grams of protein!  I’ll be making it again this week!

Now for part two – dinner.  I think that somehow we subconsciously were thinking about St. Patrick’s Day when we planned tonight’s dinner (which Daniel cooked).  It was full of delicious GREEN foods!  Daniel made a simple stir fry of half a huge head of cabbage, three smallish zucchinis, and fresh broccoli.  We used a little rice wine vinegar and light soy sauce to season it up, and then topped it with a little sriracha (yes, I am addicted to my favorite “rooster sauce” and all spicy foods in general).  Some chicken breast cooked in a skillet were also added to the mix.  I’m telling you – if people only knew how delicious healthy foods can taste… Mmmm – I’m already looking forward to my leftovers tomorrow!

Now it is already way later than my bedtime, and I need some sleep!  I hope that your Monday had a small piece of unexpected awesomeness. 🙂


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