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Insanity Progress

I love this quote from Einstein!  It is completely true.  I tell my students and my clients all the time – If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same thing you’ve always gotten.  In other words…if nothing changes, then NOTHING changes.  I know, I’m quite full of wisdom today!

I have always been up for new exercise challenges.  I love to change things up and try new workouts.  Last summer, I did P90x.  It was definitely a challenge, and I loved it!  However, I’ve been looking for something to up my cardio intensity and also burn more fat.  After reading about a million reviews and watching another million youtube videos of Insanity, I decided to go for it.  Einstein would agree that this form of Insanity is definitely NOT doing the same thing, and that you WILL get results!

Yesterday marked my 50th day of Insanity, and it has been an amazing journey so far.  I have not missed a single workout, and I have tried my best to push myself as hard as possible each and every day.  With Insanity, you start with a fit test, and then you do that fit test every two weeks to track your progress.  The test is comprised of eight moves, and you do each one for a full minute.

Insanity Fit Test Progress

Move:  switch kicks (2 kicks is 1 rep)  Day 1:  64       Day 50: 71

Move: power jacks                              Day 1: 58        Day 50: 70

Move: power knees                             Day 1: 104      Day 50: 125

Move: power jumps                             Day 1: 35        Day 50: 50

Move: globe jumps (4 jumps is 1 rep) Day 1: 10         Day 50: 13

Move: suicide jumps (burpees)           Day 1: 20        Day 50: 24

Move: push-up jacks                           Day 1: 33        Day 50: 45

Move: low plank oblique                     Day 1: 35        Day 50: 52

I’m pretty excited about my results!  I will do the fit test again on my very last day of Insanity, and I will be sure to post my results that day. 

Have you ever done any of the Insanity workouts?  Have you seen the infomercial and thought about ordering it???

Are you excited this is only a four day work week?! (or two, if you are leaving for Mexico Thursday morning ;))


What is it about Mondays?

Gooooood morning!  It’s MONDAY!!!

Harley, my chocolate lab…this just looks like a Monday face!

Somehow, it seems that most of us have a love/hate relationship with Mondays.  I know that I always hate the feeling of my weekend coming to an end and also that the next weekend is FOREVER away (yes, on Sunday nights, Friday seriously seems like forever away, and you know it!).  However, I typically am looking forward to the new opportunities that will come with the new week.  Monday is always my longest day during the summer – here’s the plan for today:

Personal training                                                   8:15-9:15

Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning                         10:30-11:20

Cheer Practice                                                       1:00-3:00

Teach Cardio Dance/Hip Hop                                 4:30-5:15

Teach Zumba                                                         7:15-8:15

I love all of it, but add in cooking, eating, setting up, cleaning up, and driving, it just doesn’t leave much time for rest.  BUT that’s okay, because Tuesday is much more relaxed!  Hopefully there will be some pool time tomorrow!  Oh, and bonus about the crazy Monday schedule – extra fuel will be consumed so I can power through those workouts!  🙂

Until then, let’s make the most of this Monday!

What are YOUR plans for today?  What is your busiest day of the week?


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