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No Excuses

So…I didn’t post all week.

I could say that I was busy.

I could say that I was on Spring Break (which is true).

I could say I was on some amazing tropical vacation (which is a lie).

OR I could tell you the truth.  Let’s go with that.

I had every intention of posting each day last week, especially because I was on break from school.  However, I just didn’t feel like it.  Lazy?  Perhaps.  I enjoyed the break from absolutely everything, and I definitely feel refreshed.  My idea of Spring Break used to be sitting on the beach, toes in the sand, listening to the ocean waves crash peacefully onto the shore as I watch the sun seemingly sink into the water.  Let’s be honest, that’s STILL my idea of Spring Break!  Because I work at night, that idea was not a realistic one for me.  So what did I do over my break?  So glad you asked!

Slept in until almost 8 a.m. every single morning!!!  Glorious sleep!

Read – I read a lot of health and fitness articles, as well as the adorable novel Moving Neutral by food and fashion blogger Katy Atlas.

Planned and prepped food for the plan – more on that tomorrow.

Watched more TV than I usually would – I still love Saved by the Bell just as much as I used to!

Spent some quality time with m-swag.

Took these crazy puppies on several walks to the park down the street.

Poor Clyde, he needs some new pictures.  I tried to take several, but he has a hard time holding still for more than .19 seconds!

Harley gets just a tiny bit excited when we go run outside!

Spent a great amount of time with Daniel (especially over the weekend).

Had a girls night with my mom, cousin, and friend.  I now have a French pedicure thanks to sweet cousin Anne.

Convinced Daniel to go see The Hunger Games with me.  I thought the movie was excellent, but, as always, the book was better.  I want to read the second book again haha.

Daniel said it hurts to smile, so he’ll roll with his “prison photo” face.

Enjoyed a night out with friends.

Bridal shower for my great friend Hazelnut.  Okay, her name is Hazel, but I like to pretend her real name is Hazelnut.  We also call her Wheezy, but I’m not exactly sure why…

Grocery shopping.

Real shopping (MARSHALLS will forever be my favorite store!).

Food prep for the upcoming week.

FINALLY feeling like blogging again! 🙂

Please forgive my absence – and sorry I don’t have a good excuse!  I hope that you enjoyed your week and weekend, and that your Monday goes exceptionally well!

So tell me…

What did you last week and this weekend???  Catch me up!


M-Swag Bag


I cannot tell you how excited I am that tomorrow is Friday.  It’s also blue jeans and t-shirt day at school, which honestly makes me happier than my students I do believe (and they have to wear uniforms).  Something about being able to work in jeans and a t-shirt make it feel like it doesn’t count as a “real” day, you know?

If you didn’t notice, I’m pretty obsessed with lil’ m-swag.  I’m hooked.  Once you go Mac, you never go back!  Suddenly I feel like I need to become extremely techy.  I also feel the urge to buy an iphone, you know, just so everything coordinates. 😉  Maybe I should start playing the lottery or selling my not-totally-necessary organs on the black market…or I could just enjoy my new computer and hope that one day I will get to upgrade my droid to an iphone.  It’s a tough decision since all my options are so reasonable ha.

Ever since my computer arrived, I’ve been looking at accessories and cases/covers for it.  WOW there are a ton of options out there!

pink silicone keyboard cover???

I love this cover from Belkin!  So sleek and cute!

manilla envelope – I would so get this confused with the actual envelopes on my desk at work and probably end up mailing my computer somewhere!

Adorable padded sleeve I found on Etsy

I have looked a million other cool accessories and cute sleeve (m-swag bag) ideas, but I must narrow it down.

Any suggestions for mac accessories?

Make sure you check out tomorrow’s post – it involves something exciting…

it starts with G…

and ends with iveaway…

Happy almost Friday!

Much love!



That’s right, it’s here!!!!!!!!!!

It’s true love, I do believe. 🙂  I am completely addicted to my MacBook Air, which I have affectionately named lil’ m-swag.

Now that I have a computer again, I can BLOG again!!  I have missed it, but I promise I have been reading all of YOUR blogs regularly.  I have so much to post about this week…

  • two workouts

  • possible accessories for lil’ m-swag

  • motivational quotes that I love right now


  • a GIVEAWAY!!!!  (which will make me an official blogger, right?)

Okay, I’m totally wiped from the typical Monday madness.  I hope y’all have had a MARVELOUS MONDAY!

On a parting note, do you think I should buy these shoes???  They are Steve Madden’s that I found tonight at Ross while I was killing a few minutes in between teaching classes.  I think I need them, don’t you?

I told Daniel that if ten people commented telling me that yes, I do indeed need these shoes, that I was going to buy them.  It’s in your hands now. 🙂

Much love!

Still no computer – I need your help!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I promise toget back to my regular posting schedule as soon as I get a new computer. 🙂

Here is my problem – I can’t decide if a cd/dvd drive (I’m sure there is an actual name for it) is a must for me. I do use it about once a month for my zumba music, and occasionally I will use it to watch movies or something. I found a refurbished mac air for a REALLY good price, but I would have to use an external cd/dvd drive thing….deal breaker? help! Will I miss it? This is probably the only way I can get a mac (i cannot justify $1500+ for a laptop), but I just can’t make up my mind. I need your advice!

It’s my friday!

Yes, you read that correctly. And it gets better…I’m not going back to work until Tuesday! It just started to sink in when I turned my 4:45 alarm to “off”.

I don’t really have any plans other than some quality sleep, hitting up the farmers market to restock on seafood (they bring it in straight from florida), and maybe catching a movie with my madre.

I’ve had the same thing for breakfast every day this week (which rarely happens). 2 slices of udi’s gf wheat bread, toasted, then topped with tj’s goats milk creamy cheese and smoked salmon. I add a little cracked pepper before inhaling enjoying on my way out the door.

Dinner tonight was an old favorite. Omelet made from 2 eggs, topped with spinach, fresh basil, mozzarella, turkey, salt and pepper. Before eating I spooned some homemade strawberry jam on top. Yum.


I really miss having a laptop! It takes me forever to post on my phone…hence the lack of posts lately. I’m hoping to make my purchase tomorrow, and I can’t wait to show y’all the new computer!

I hope you had a wonderful vday yesterday and that you got to tell the special people in your life how much they mean! I got D the most hilarious card…I’ll post a pic of it this weekend.

Have a FANTASTIC night!

And then my laptop died…

So, friends, I woke up this morning to find a sad message in my inbox.  My hard drive was confirmed dead… Also, our mailbox died this weekend – how does this even happen?!



It’s like headless horseman in mailbox form.

But back to the real problem.
It looks like I will be purchasing a new laptop sometime this week, and I need your help! What should I buy??? Please no computer techy lingo – I don’t speak that very fluently.

In other news, this weekend was fun and relaxing! Yesterday, Daniel and I kind of celebrated v day (we aren’t big v day people) since it had been FIVE years since he proposed. We ate lunch at Panera (yum) and did a little shopping. We stopped at Chef Mart, a restaurant supply type place, and they had a Vitamix! I think I scared the young guy working there when I hugged the blender. He apparently doesn’t understand true love lust.

Church today was AWESOME. We had a valentines banquet/dinner thing tonight and our table was by far the best table. (not that it was a competition or anything, but if it had been, we would have won.)

Okay, time to pack up my food suitcase for tomorrow. I really need your help on this computer issue, so let me know what you think!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Good intentions

So, I was planning on posting my circuit workout from this morning, but my hard drive decided to crash. 😦 I’m taking it to a very generous and brainy friend who thinks he can fix it. Thank goodness that somebody understand all the computer mumbo jumbo jargon, because I sure don’t. Keep your fingers crossed that it can be fixed! Enjoy your weekend!


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