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whirlwind weekend and the return of hot yoga

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and your Monday!

Looking back, our weekend was fun but a total whirlwind.

Friday night, my cousin and I went out for our girls’ night and had a blast.  We started with a delicious dinner at Coyote Blues, then went to hear some live music.  It was so nice to get to spend some quality time together and get caught up on everything.  Side note: during our talks throughout the night, I once again realized that I can relate any situation in life to an episode of Friends.  I seriously wish they would do a reunion.  We got home later than normal, and I opted to let my body sleep instead of pushing through a run early Saturday morning.  I was so thankful that I chose not to run, because by the third song in Zumba that morning my left knee was giving me fits.  After Zumba I elevated and iced my knee for a bit, and it definitely helped.

I can’t really remember what all we did on Saturday during the day, but I know that at some point we went and checked the yarden (I renamed it yarden instead of garden since it takes up the whole yard!).  We picked squash, zucchini and onions; and we will have cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers soon!  We are going to be having squash and zucchini at every meal I do believe.  That’s not a bad thing in our opinion!  Saturday night, Daniel grilled some hamburgers (we buy fresh beef from a local farmer) and roasted the veggies that we picked.  I topped my burger with caramelized onions and a quick sriracha mayo that I mixed together.  It was a perfect summer meal (if only we had our tomatoes ready!).  We watched Madagascar while eating dinner.  I told D that we had to watch it so I could get all geared up to see the third one!

Saturday night is when things started to get all crazy.  I think I’ve mentioned before that both Daniel and I love to cook, and that he is extremely crazy-talented when it comes to grilling and smoking meats.  Our church asked us if we would be willing to prepare the meat for our church picnic that was held last night. Of course we jumped on the opportunity, and Saturday night we got everything ready to start cooking.  We went to bed about 11 and got up a short two hours later to fire the grill. 


the burn barrel

Even though we had hardly any sleep, neither of us felt tired and we had a blast hanging out for 8 extra hours.  I told Daniel we should get up in the middle of the night more often just to hang out and have silly conversations.  We took turns asking each other questions like “If you could only have five foods for one month, what would they be?” and “Which five places do you want to visit the most?”  In case you were wondering, my answer to the first question was sweet potatoes, sushi, zucchini or asparagus, honeycrisp apples, and dark chocolate.  I had a hard time choosing between dark chocolate and nut butters.  Daniel’s answer was steak, zucchini or squash, bananas, seafood, and biscuits and gravy.  

Back to the cooking – we smoked twenty Boston butts (that’s a TON of meat, in case you didn’t know).  Since we were sitting out by the grill, we decided to go ahead and make a double batch of homemade bbq sauce as well.  The sauce takes about four hours to cook, so we took turns stirring the gigantic sauce pot throughout the night.  I can’t share the recipe with you because it’s a family secret, but man, it is good!  I was a little heavy-handed with the cayenne pepper, and it had a nice kick to it and left that slight burn in the back of your throat.  Perfection.


the meat before going on the grill


this picture makes me drool


Daniel’s famous deer poppers made a special appearance (these are one of my favorite foods in the entire world)

I decided to go run around 5:45, but it was starting to rain.  Instead of taking the loop I had mapped out, I opted to run up and down our street so I didn’t get caught in a storm or something.  After running 3.25 miles with the rain pelting into my eyeballs, I jogged back to the house.  For not having any sleep, I was proud that I ran at all.  I’ll go back my usual long runs this coming weekend.  After all, that half marathon is now less than three months away!  I think we may need to start a countdown!

We took the meat off the grill later in the afternoon, and oh my gosh y’all, it was absolutely perfect.  You could tell that it was incredibly juicy and was falling off the bone.  We took it to the picnic at the park down the street, and everyone went crazy for it.  It was a fun way to get to actively participate with our church, and we were able to meet several people we didn’t know by talking about the food and cooking.  After the picnic, Daniel and I went home and crashed.  I was trying to read, and I think I fell asleep like 16 times.  I kept doing the head bob thing.  Finally around 8:30, we called it quits and headed to bed.  It was a good thing we went to bed so early, because I had a lot planned for Monday!

After training my client, I met one of my friend’s at Gold’s Gym for Bikram yoga.  Bikram, also known as hot yoga, is a practice that is set in a very warm studio.  I think the temperatures in the room stay around 100 or 105 degrees (see picture of burn barrel above and you’ll get the idea of the temperature).  When I tell people this, they all freak out and say they couldn’t do it, and I try to remind them that it’s not a high impact cardio class in that warm of a room.  It’s similar to lying by the pool in the summer heat – it is hot, but you don’t really focus on that.  We went through 75 minutes of twisting, turning, stretching, bending, and holding.  It’s been over a year since my last hot yoga class, and I could really feel how tight some of my muscles were.  It was a great class, and I felt like a sweaty noodle by the time we finished.  I’m going back on Friday, and I hope to go twice a week throughout the remainder of the summer.


The rest of Monday was typical – I taught cardio dance, abs, then Zumba.  Tuesday will be filled with training, running, cheer practice, and teaching SHRED.  I think I may also have to spend some time reading – any good book suggestions for the summer?

I hope y’all have a FABULOUS day!  Much love!

So tell me…

If you could only eat five foods for a month, what would you choose?

Have you ever taken a hot yoga class?  What did you think?  Would you like to take one if you haven’t?


And then my laptop died…

So, friends, I woke up this morning to find a sad message in my inbox.  My hard drive was confirmed dead… Also, our mailbox died this weekend – how does this even happen?!



It’s like headless horseman in mailbox form.

But back to the real problem.
It looks like I will be purchasing a new laptop sometime this week, and I need your help! What should I buy??? Please no computer techy lingo – I don’t speak that very fluently.

In other news, this weekend was fun and relaxing! Yesterday, Daniel and I kind of celebrated v day (we aren’t big v day people) since it had been FIVE years since he proposed. We ate lunch at Panera (yum) and did a little shopping. We stopped at Chef Mart, a restaurant supply type place, and they had a Vitamix! I think I scared the young guy working there when I hugged the blender. He apparently doesn’t understand true love lust.

Church today was AWESOME. We had a valentines banquet/dinner thing tonight and our table was by far the best table. (not that it was a competition or anything, but if it had been, we would have won.)

Okay, time to pack up my food suitcase for tomorrow. I really need your help on this computer issue, so let me know what you think!

I hope you had a great weekend!

One week down…

Well, I did it!  Last weekend I posted that I wanted to blog every single day, no matter what my work and practice schedule looked like.  I officially met my goal, and I plan on continuing to blog daily.

Daniel and I have been going to a new church for the past four or five months (I guess it’s technically not new anymore), and we signed up to join a small group at the first of the year.  We met with our group for the first time today, and it was amazing. 

You know how sometimes several people will be placed in a group for some activity or what not, and it seems incredibly awkward???  Well, this was the exact opposite of that.  Everyone started talking immediately (okay, I may have been the first one…) and it was like we had known each other for years.

We got to know each other a bit and then talked about what we wanted out of small group and what we wanted to put in.  I could not be more excited about the plans God has for us and for these new friendships that are already starting to develop.  My heart is filled with so much joy!


Unfortunately, we are expecting severe weather tonight.  Sixty-five degree weather in January in West Tennessee typically does not end well for us.  We have experienced our fair share of damaging tornadoes.  Check this out:





Yeah, that dark red part is right where we live.  I’m not one to be scared of weather since there’s really nothing I can do to change it, but when it gets like this I like to refresh my mind with one of my favorite scriptures.

Philippians 4:6

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

If you are in the area, please remember to have your weather alert radio on and know your emergency plan.  If we hear the siren, we’ll be grabbing our animals and setting up camp in our interior hallway.  Don’t worry, I’ve already got my “tornado snack” ready too. 

Instead of thinking about possible tornadoes, I’m choosing to close my eyes and pretend I’m back in Cancun.


(ignore the photo bomb in the background)

Do you have tornadoes or other severe weather where you live?


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