Pushing Our Limits

Thank y’all so much for your sweet and encouraging words!  I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who feels beaten up by those days every now and then.

As some of you may know, I teach middle school language arts.  One of my favorite units that I teach is POETRY.  Sounds so lame, I know.  Those 7th graders thought so too.  However, only two weeks in, they are begging every day to read and write poetry.  We often have a “free write” at the beginning of class – about 10 minutes for the students to write with little or no guidance.  No grammar rules.  No spell check.  No grade.  Just a pencil, a young and creative mind, and a blank page. 

I have been incredibly impressed with what they have written, especially today.  Today during free write, I explained that we were going to push our limits and get out of our comfort zones.  As I talked with them, we discussed how little kids have all these big dreams and wild imaginative ideas, but as we get older, those seem to fade away.  Our challenge as a class was to think back to those days where we didn’t limit ourselves and we weren’t so terrified of failure.  I was completely blown away with their writing, and so were they.

do one thing every day


It made me think – what if I had this mindset in every aspect of my life?  What would happen if I pushed my limits and got out of my comfort zone when it came to working out, cooking, reading, teaching, coaching, praying, writing, being a wife, a friend, a daughter…  I’m not exactly sure what the outcome would be, but I do know that if I never push myself, I’ll never reach my full potential.

life begins at the end of your comfort zone


Is there an area of your life that could use a kick outside the comfort zone?


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