Cookie Swap & Weekend Workout

I have good, make that GREAT, news!!!  I finally have working internet at home!  Not just the kind that works during the day (conveniently when I’m at work, right?), but the kind that works ALL the time like it’s supposed to!  Even better, when we switched internet companies, the new company was running a Christmas special, so we are now only paying half of what we were!  Yay!

Tonight my mom, cousin, and I are hosting a Christmas cookie swap.  I’ve never even been to a cookie swap as an adult, so I’m pretty stoked.  I wanted to make something decadent and somewhat unique, so I decided to go with Bailey’s Irish Cream truffles (recipe coming soon).  I made one extra for me to taste this morning, and oh my gosh, they are to.die.for. 

Obviously, there will be a lot of sweets consumed tonight at the cookie exchange, so I wanted to do something today to get my metabolism going.  I have been a serious slacker this week when it comes to workouts.  I was attacked by the evil stomach virus on Sunday, so I decided not to teach or train on Monday or Tuesday (probably a good idea since I was dehydrated and very weak).  On Wednesday, it snowed so my PT client didn’t get to come work out.  I did a mini workout at home, but nothing spectacular.  On Thursday, I finally got my heart rate up through teaching abs & Zumba.  Yesterday, I started a great workout, but after one set of my circuit, the internet installation guy showed up (so thankful for him!) and the workout got postponed skipped.  Tasting truffles all morning and watching three episodes of How I Met Your Mother didn’t really burn too many calories, so I decided to go with this workout from the lovely Tone It Up girls.



It was a great little workout that I could definitely feel (especially after not doing much all week!).  Now I’m off to buy some cute mini cupcake wrappers for my truffles.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Have you ever been to a cookie swap?
What’s your favorite Christmas cookie recipe?

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