Hello goal, nice to meet you

Cheesy, I know.  However, by reading this, you are seeing the product of my goal being met!  On Sunday, I listed a few goals for myself this week. 

Post more than once a week. Officially DONE, and I may really be an overachiever and post more than twice…uh oh – watch out blog world! Smile

Take a ton of pictures with my new camera.  How could I not meet this goal?  I am addicted to my Rebel! 

rebel 105

mini crustless quiche I made Sunday to have for breakfasts this week

rebel 070

Daniel tilling up the area for our fall garden

rebel 085

rebel 087rebel 086

YAY for fall vegetables!!!!

Eat clean so far, so good!  The only “junk” I have eaten was one red gummy worm…WHY does pure sugar have to tastes so good?  At least I only ate one!

rebel 032

Yoga twice this week.  I am half way there!  I did a 40 minute fat-burning yoga dvd this morning before work, and it felt amazing!


Laughter. I’ve never really struggled with this one, considering I get quite amused at my own jokes and randomness, and I try to surround myself with joyful people!

rebel 110

I hope that y’all are having a FABULOUS week and meeting your goals!


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