Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!! 

I hope you are having an amazing Independence Day so far.  We celebrated with my family yesterday, and today we are hanging out with Daniel’s family.

Brace yourself – here come the pictures!

Johnathan, my brother (right), Daniel (middle), Brian (left) – one of Daniel’s brothers

Chase, the younger brother of the twins – he is so incredibly precious

We had AMAZING food last night before enjoying some time in the pool.  Daniel smoked his butts (;)) and he also made his famous DEER POPPERS.  These are the best things ever!  He makes his own marinade and soaks the deer for about 4-5 days and then adds a jalapeno and wraps it in bacon.  People BEG him to make these all the time, and they always want to come to our cookouts because you never know when deer poppers will show up.

Smoked butt (I’m sorry, it’s just so funny, I have to keep saying it – yes, I am 5) – pulled bbq

Deer poppers

Dad’s famous hotslaw (secret family recipe – so amazing)

Potato salad with fresh peppers

Freshly picked sweet corn

My plate

Watermelon!!!  My little cousin Grant seriously ate a quarter of the watermelon!  His twin brother Jackson ate the same amount!  Those boys love some wat-a-mella 🙂

Swimming in the pool (Anne and the twins – Chris was splashing them)

It was a great night!!!

What did you do this weekend to celebrate?  Are you celebrating today?  One thing you could do today is enter to win the Corazonas oatmeal squares giveaway at She-Fit!  I did!


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