Saturdays are the best

I hope y’all are enjoying your Saturday!  I met up with my family at the Farmers Market this morning and enjoyed an iced coffee and a sample of granola.  After tearing myself away from all the gorgeous fresh produce, I headed to the gym to teach Zumba.  I thought class would be kind of small today since it’s a holiday weekend, but they were actually a lot of people!  It was a super fun and extremely sweaty class!

After class I headed over to Ulta to buy some eyeliner.  I also got some sunscreen for our trip (it smells so good).  We are cooking out tomorrow, so I had to run to Sam’s to get the meat.  We are having bbq, so I got two Boston butts for Daniel to smoke. (I love telling people that Daniel is smoking his butts ha.)  It never fails that when I go to Sam’s by myself I always have to buy heavy items.  This time I had to get the 44lb bag of dog food and the 40lb thing of cat litter (these animals are expensive).  It was funny when I was loading up my car because there were some people parking next to me looking at me like “There’s no way she can lift that stuff into her SUV – we probably need to help her – or sit and watch and laugh.”  Well, I showed them!  That’s really why I decided to do Insanity – so I could carry dog food and cat litter.  It’s been a goal for quite some time now. 😉  One more stop (Kroger) and then I was home to unload the heavy items. 

Now I’m heading to the pool at my cousins’ house (they live about 2 miles away yay!) to soak up some sun, but I’ll be back later for my Insanity workout!

Have a GREAT Saturday!!!


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